My name is Kostya Lomov. I was born in Kazakhstan and came to America at the age of 10. At the age of 15, I began to communicate with bad friends, at 17 I began to use hard drugs, at 21 I was kicked out of the house and lived on the street for 2.5 years. At that time, I completely lost myself, I ate out of dumpsters, started talking to myself, seeing hallucinations, and hearing voices. My mother did not stop praying for me. One day, she went to pastors and they once again prayed for me. On the same day, I sat behind a car shop and I suddenly remembered that there is a God. And that He looks at me like a father to his son from heaven.I felt shame, like the shame of a son who was guilty in front of his Father.I started praying and at that same instant, I forgot about addiction, drugs, friends, and everything except the main functions (eating, drinking, etc.) I asked for forgiveness from him for 3 days and on the third day I had the idea to call the center and find God. Going from center to center, I realized that God is showing his grace to me and now I am in Portland writing how God saved me through the prayers of my parents (like my mother). His mercy is great. Now, I do not talk to myself, I do not see hallucinations, I have been restored by God and I am in my right mind. I am forgiven by His son Jesus Christ. I am under his direction. I am not perfect, but His mercy is great. I thank God for my mother who has always prayed for me. I am thankful for the places of restoration because they are set by God himself. May God bless you.